North Ainslie School Policies

Directorate Policies

As an ACT public school we are guided by the ACT Education Directorate's Policies. Please follow the link for more information

Allergy/Nut Aware

North Ainslie has students with severe allergic reactions to nuts (anaphylaxis). To minimise the chances of nut contamination, we ask that no nuts, nut butter or nut oil be brought into the school. This does not include foods that are labelled "may contain traces of nuts".


Children need to arrive at school between 8.45am and 9am. They are expected to play on the Senior Courtyard before school where there is a teacher on duty from 8.45. Children are not to use the play equipment, bats, sticks or large balls before school. If a child needs assistance or first aid, they can see the duty teacher or go directly to the front office.Children are expected to leave the school grounds promptly at 3pm.

In the event of wet weather before school, students should arrive as close to 9.00am as possible, and proceed directly to their classrooms.

The whole school assembles on the Senior Courtyard. The first bell is rung at 8.55am and the final bell at 9.00am. It is essential that all students arrive at this assembly promptly, because important whole school announcements are made at this time.

If you need to collect your child before 3.00pm please go to the front office where you will be asked to sign your child out and collect a leave slip, which you can then present to the class teacher.

If your child is unable to attend school on a particular day, please notify the front office promptly, either by letter, phone, fax, or e-mail. If you phone we also require that you send a letter to your child's class teacher informing him/her of your child's absence. Any written communication (except e-mail) should be signed by the parent or guardian and should also state:

If the front office has not been notified by 9.30am of an absence, the parents/carers of the child are rung as per our attendance policy. Children who arrive at school after 9.10 am will need to be escorted to the front office by their parent/carer to collect a late slip which they can then give to their class teacher.

School finishes at 3pm each day and children should proceed immediately home, to the bus stop or after school care. Parents driving to pick up their children are asked to be very careful of moving children near the car parks and crossing areas. Parents are asked to check each day that your children know how they are going to get home and let teachers know of any changes to normal arrangements. Please telephone the school if your child does not arrive home at the usual time.

Bike Safety

We advise that young children should not ride a bike to school without an adult riding or walking along side them. The reason for this is that children do not develop the ability to gauge distances accurately until about 9 years of age and thus, pose a risk to themselves when doing so.

All children riding to school must wear a correctly fitted helmet and walk their bikes once in the school grounds. Bikes and scooters are to be stored in the bike cage which is locked during the day between 9.30am and 3pm. It is again locked at 3.30pm so children attending After School Care should move their bikes to the After School Care racks. Personal items are left in the bike cage at the owner's personal risk.

Collection Policy

Collection policy (pdf icon 166.2 KB)

Collection policy (word icon 111.5 KB)

Dangerous Items

On spotting dangerous items in the school area, children are directed to do the following: do not touch, stand well back and send for a teacher. A teacher will isolate the item and arrange for prompt removal.

Enrolment Management Plan

Enrolment Management Plan (PDF)

Enrolment Management Plan (Word)

Film and Literature Policy

Film and Literature policy (pdf icon 248.1 KB)

Film and Literature policy (word icon 3.5 MB)

Home Learning

Home learning policy (pdf icon 133.9 KB)

Home learning policy (word icon 93 KB)

At North Ainslie we believe that home learning plays a valuable part in the learning process. We recognise the need for home and school to work together for effective education, focussing on learning as an enjoyable, discovery-orientated, life-long process. Home learning is not to become a source of tension in families and any parents experiencing this should contact their child's teacher as soon as possible.

Health & Wellbeing

Health Related Procedure (pdf icon 151.9 KB)

Health Related Procedure (word icon 78.3 KB)

Hygiene Policy (pdf icon 145.8 KB)

Hygiene Policy (word icon 74.6 KB)

Students who are injured or unwell will be taken to Sick Bay at the Front Office where First Aid trained staff are always on duty. (However they will only be taken to Sick Bay if they do not present with an injury requiring immobilisation.) If a child appears distressed or extremely unwell, or requires further medical attention, his/her parents will be contacted immediately. If the First Aid staff believe urgent attention is required they will also call an ambulance. In the case of a minor injury or report of illness which appears to subside (e.g. a headache that is relieved by drinking water), a Sick Bay note will be sent home with the child to the parents.

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Healthy Eating Guidelines (pdf icon 128.3 KB)

Healthy Eating Guidelines (word icon 73.5 KB)

Languages Procedures

Languages Procedures (Word)

Languages Procedures (PDF)

Personal and Valuable Items at School

We ask that mobile phones, electronic games, iPods, trading cards, large amounts of money and toys are not brought to school. The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to these items. If mobile phones are a necessity for after school use, we ask that they are left with the front office for safe keeping during school hours.

Safety at School

Safety at school policy (pdf icon 49.1 KB)

Safety at school policy (word icon 43.3 KB)

Staff Absences and Management of School Programs

Staff absences and management of school programs policy (pdf icon 43.2 KB)

Staff absences and management of school programs policy (word icon 93 KB)

Student Management

Student welfare and management policy (pdf icon 182.6 KB)

Student welfare and management policy (word icon 86.9 KB)

North Ainslie School strives to provide a caring, happy and safe environment for every child. All members of the school community take responsibility for the welfare of students and this is achieved with mutual respect and trust between students, teachers and parents.

Staff respond to children with care, affection and a conscious effort to reinforce self-esteem. Staff guide children to appreciate and demonstrate appropriate behaviours and accept responsibility for and consequences of their own behaviour.

Sun Protection

Sun protection policy (pdf icon 140 KB)

Sun protection policy (word icon 103 KB)

Swimming Program

The school is now following the Directorate's Swimming and Aquatic Activities Policy.