Curriculum Overview

"The curriculum is all learning, academic and non-academic, that is written, taught and assessed." Making the PYP Happen, 2007.

Current practice

Staff at North Ainslie Primary School currently work in collaborative teams to develop units of inquiry. (See Inquiry Approach for detail).

Our Primary Years Program is a transdisciplinary P-6 curriculum that is designed to be engaging, relevant, challenging and significant. The program seeks to achieve a balance between five essential elements: the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills, the development of conceptual understanding, the demonstration of positive attitudes and values, and the taking of responsible action.

Whenever we plan curriculum we ask three key questions as a community of learners:

Future Directions

In 2011 the implementation of Phase One of the Australian National Curriculum commenced in all Australian schools, for English, mathematics, science and history. In 2013 the national curriculum for geography was published. National curriculum for the arts, languages, civics and citizenship, economics and business, health and physical education, and technologies has also been published and is awaiting endorsement. Our program of inquiry aligns with the content of both the Australian National Curriculum and Every Chance to Learn: Curriculum Framework for ACT Schools P-10 (ACTDET, 2007).  

Curriculum Initiatives 2015-2018 

Curriculum initiatives will address the school's strategic priorities for 20015-2018.

To embed an explicit school improvement agenda driven by data analysis to improve student outcomes in literacy, numeracy and science.

To develop an expert teaching team.

To promote a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment.

To embed the targeted use of school resources to support all students.