Student Welfare

North Ainslie Primary operates within a restorative and relational framework.

Our school community agrees that learning environments are needed in which every member, child and adult alike, feels safe, supported, respected and valued. Our goal is to develop a safe, supportive learning environment in which children can grow and learn, and within which all members of our school community are able to build relationships and connections. Our school curriculum, academic, emotional and social, is underpinned by restorative and relational practices.

At North Ainslie, we encourage all members of our school community (staff, parents, students) to have a voice that is heard and to demonstrate a capacity and willingness to:

A wide range of restorative practices are consistently utilised in our classrooms and on our playgrounds (Circle Time, corridor conferencing, informal and formal restorative conferencing, problem-solving circles, evaluation and reflection in learning programs, respectful challenges, affective statements and relational questions).

All curriculum and social skills programs at North Ainslie are underpinned by the restorative practices framework.

Student Welfare Services

Additional student welfare services are provided by a school psychologist and school chaplain. The psychologist is available on Mondays and Tuesdays. Referrals can be made by parents or teachers.

If you have any questions in regard to psychologist services  please contact:

Tania Collis (Principal)

The chaplain's position is funded by the ACT National School Chaplaincy Program and is also supported by the Salvation Army. This is a voluntary program aimed to enhance the school's existing well being services in providing social, emotional and spiritual support for children, staff or parents.

The school chaplain works with individuals or small groups and is available to provide pastoral care, general advice, comfort and support to any member of the school community. The school chaplain is also involved in the following areas:

Student participation in any activity or service provided by the chaplaincy program is not compulsory. Therefore parental permission will be sought for any student involvement in a specific activity.( It should be noted that the role of the school chaplain is not to proselytize.)

Our School Chaplain is Christine Love.(Qualifications: Bachelor of Education; Master of Arts (Theology), Certificate IV Community Services Work and Certificate IV Youth Work)

If you wish to utilise this service Chris is available on a Thursday and Friday and may be contacted through the school office.

If you have any questions in regard to this program please contact:

Tania Collis  (Principal)