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Stationery Packs for 2023

We are pleased to advise that North Ainslie Primary School will be using the locally owned and operated Blue Ink Group for the 2023 Back to School Stationery.

Easy Ordering Steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the required Access Code - !NAPS
  3. Select the year level for the stationery pack you require
  4. Complete student name
  5. Choose the amount of stationery packs you require and click “Add to Order”
  6. View your child’s book list (can also be viewed in the cart at the top of the screen)
  7. Add additional stationery packs if required by using – Add another student
  8. Go to “Checkout” to confirm your order
  9. This will take you to the secure payment page to enter your credit card details
  10. Complete personal details (Delivery will be to the school on 23rd January 2023)

Important Information regarding your Order

Delivery Service

Contact Blue Ink

Customer Service can be contacted at Blue Ink's office on 02 6166 6000 for all queries regarding
2023 Back to School Stationery Packs. Email:

Preschool Book Pack List 2023(PDF)

Kindergarten Book Pack list 2023(PDF)

Years 1 Book Pack List 2023 (PDF)

Years 2 Book Pack List 2023 (PDF)

Years 3 Book Pack List 2023 (PDF)

Years 4 Book Pack List 2023 (PDF)

Years 5 Book Pack List 2023 (PDF)

Years 6 Book Pack List 2023 (PDF)

Small Group  Book Pack List 2023