Restorative and Relational Practices at North Ainslie

Restorative and Relational Practices at North Ainslie

We believe that it is essential to establish strong connections between all members of our school community, and build upon the social capacity of our children and adult members.

North Ainslie Primary operates within a restorative and relational framework . Our goal is to develop a safe, supportive learning environment in which children can grow and learn, and within which all members of our school community feel respected and are able to build relationships and connections. Our school curriculum, academic, emotional and social, is underpinned by restorative and relational practices.

A wide range of restorative and relational practices are consistently utilised in our classrooms and on our playgrounds (Circle Time, informal and formal restorative conferencing, problem-solving circles, evaluation and reflection in learning programs). All curriculum and social skills programs at North Ainslie are underpinned by the IB Learner Profile attributes , attitudes and values and the Restorative Practices framework.


In 2005 North Ainslie implemented an Enrichment program for all students from K-6. Students are placed with a mentor teacher in multi age buddy groups of no more than eighteen children. These groups remain static for the duration of children's time at North Ainslie so that they can establish a strong connection and support network with both children and their mentor teacher.

Enrichment groups meet fortnightly on Thursday afternoons. Teachers and other adults share talents and interests with children on a rotational basis, including activities such as sport, art, craft, school magazine, music, outdoor community building, origami, collage, cooking, and play dough making. This program is designed to both enrich students' learning and foster supportive relationships between children and adults.