Healthy Eating Menu

Canteen is open on Wednesday,Thursday and Friday . You can put in a lunch order or come and buy something straight from the canteen kitchen at lunchtime.

How to order food

  • Look at the menu
  • Write your order on a brown paper bag
  • Bring your order to school with the money in the bag
  • Teachers will collect the orders each morning of operation
  • Food will be delivered at lunch time

Canteen Menu

All week recess menu

Items Price
Cheesy corn fritters 50c
Peas 'n' corn$1.00
Fruit of the day/Apple Slinky 50c/ $1.00
Pikelets, popcorn50c
Toasties $1.00
Banana muffin50c
Vanilla Yogurt$2.00

All week lunch menu

Items Price
Vegie sticks Free
Fruit of the day 50c
Vegemite sandwich $2.00
Tuna & cheese toasted sandwich $3.50
Tex Mex toasted wrap $2.50
Milk bottle $1.50
Soy Milk $2.50
Smoothie (collect from canteen)$2.00
Vanilla Yogurt$2.00

Daily Lunch Specials - all $3.50 each

  • Closed
  • Closed
  • Pizza (V) $3.50
  • Italian Chicken
  • Sushi - Veg or Tuna $3.50

How do I make a lunch order?O

Lunch orders are available to all children and are for lunch items only. They need to be received by the canteen by 9.30am.
Your cash order should be written on a brown paper bag with your name and class (eg. 1/2KW), what you'd like to order and the correct money. Lunch items only please.

Online orders: (new users: school ID = 25311963).
Online orders close 9am on the same day as you are ordering for.
If you have a problem with your order, please call/text the manager, not the school front office. Canteen manager: 0406 937 139 or 0405 266 153 or

Canteen Menu

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Canteen Menu Term 1, 2018 (PDF 588.8 KB)