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The Healthy Eating Hub Garden Update

You can feel it in the air. The seasons have begun to change. it gets darker earlier in the evening and its colder when we get up in the morning. The leaves are slowly beginning to change colour and we know that Autumn is coming. The garden is also telling us that it's the end of summer. We are picking the last of the tomatoes, zucchinis, peppers and eggplants and we are beginning to plant new seedlings like lettuce and silver beet that will be able to withstand the coming cold. As for our new potatoes, they will be ready for harvesting when the first frost arrives.

Fresh Garden Vegetables Healthy Eating Hub Garden Stall at Fiesta


Enrichment is always fun. And lately we have been very busy in the garden getting ready for autumn planting. Last week Group 8 built bamboo teepees and planted climbing snow peas and beans. Very soon we will start seeing how they shoot their green tendrils up the bamboo stakes and before we know it we'll be munching on them. We planted any leftover seedlings from Fiesta and also planted the runners from the strawberry plants so we can plant more strawberries along the back fence. Thanks again to Maria Pavic who helped out and encouraged the kids planting skills. She had a farm in Croatia and really knows her stuff.

The kids also watered and learnt a bit about composting and helped clear the garden of rubbish as they always do. They tasted the green peppers and strawberries and harvested all the ripe vegetables for canteen.We are always looking for parent volunteers for enrichment, so please let me know if you might be available. The last enrichment session for this term is the 4th April and we'll be starting again next term, Enrichment is on every second Thursday from 1:45pm - 2:45pm If you would like to run an arts or garden activity with the kids we would really welcome that. We love hearing new ideas.

HeHub Garden Produce HEHub Garden Produce

Working Bees

It's lovely to see parents and kids working together in the garden during the working bees. Parents have the opportunity to catch up with each other and it really helps us keep up with general maintenance in the garden. For afternoon tea, Kate made some delicious scones which the kids and adults gobbled up with cream and our own grown strawberries.We stripped the bamboo in readiness for enrichment and the kids painted the small wooden tables. Last time, the kids made nature collages with Irene, a new mum from the Netherlands. And as always Wednesday working bees provide us with a good chance to reflect and see where we can move from here.

I hope you all got a handout of the HEHUB garden pamphlet . May your gardens thrive and grow and may all your flowers blossom…

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestion or would like to get involved with the garden:

Gadia ph: 0478 220 091 and email: